Your own piece of rural history authentically re-created Shepherd's Huts

Traditionally worked new and restored shepherd huts

Eddie Butterfield, Blacksmith
Shitterton, Bere Regis, Dorset

Heritage Shepherd Huts

The Restoration Process

Shepherd’s Huts are restored to their former glory after a careful assessment of their history, so that as much of the original character can be retained as possible. Where new materials are essential, they are sourced with great care so as to provide the best possible match to the original, and worked with original techniques. The attention to detail even extends to the choice of nails for the floorboards!

Shepherds Huts Restoration Shepherd Hut - in restoration Shepherd Hut - in restoration Shepherd Hut - in restoration Shepherd Hut - in restoration Restored Shepherd's Hut

On occasion I come across a cast iron wheel which requires attention, many of these wheels were subject to harsh conditions being bumped down unmade lanes. Some wheels were fitted with a iron band similar to that found on a cart wheel, this was done to strengthen the cast iron wheel to enable it to withstand rough treatment and to protect the edges of the rim from damage.

Iron wheel ready for restorationWheel ready for restoration

I am very fortunate in having a very old tyre bending machine that enables me to roll up the required iron band. Done properly, once shrunk onto the rim it pulls it up so tight that this gives it a new lease of life. In the pictures you can just see the band in the fire getting up to temperature, and the wheel in readiness to have it’s new band fitted.

Tyre rolling machine
Tyre band in a fireThe band being heated
Tyre band fitted to wheelThe band fitted to wheel
Restored wheelThe restored wheel
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Axle before restoration Before restoration
Axle after restoration After restoration
Axle after restoration Front axle restoration