Your own piece of rural history authentically re-created Shepherd's Huts

Traditionally worked new and restored shepherd huts

Eddie Butterfield, Blacksmith
Shitterton, Bere Regis, Dorset

Heritage Shepherd Huts

New Build

Butterfield Shepherd’s Huts are made using the same traditional methods employed in the restoration process.

Uniquely, I source timber locally from sustainable woodland and use historic methods and tools. The timber structure is typically Cedar, Larch or Douglas Fir. It is selected and cut, shaped and finished by me using my own sawmill to closely match the original 19th century profiles.

I do this to ensure the supply chain is genuine, as buying timber from a local sawmill does not always mean the timber is local. (i.e. Softwoods which may originate from the Baltics)

Cast iron wheels are often original items, salvaged and restored to turn again, sometimes a full century after they left the original foundry. I can also have new items cast from original patterns, faithfully re-creating the original shape and finish. All the iron fittings of my huts are created in-house, including forged axle fittings, drawbar bolts, roof-bars and all the small hooks, latches and brackets which are used to make my huts.

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Reconditioned Stove
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