Shepherds Huts for Holiday Lets

A local landowner has commissioned me to supply two shepherds huts initially to go on her 500 acre private estate for the purposes of holiday lets.

After research It was of paramount importance to her that If you are going to offer shepherd hut holidays, the correctly built period shepherds hut should be chosen to compliment the beautiful setting on which they will stand. I had a tour of the estate and two sites were deemed suitable both giving the guests complete privacy (no public access across the estate) and breathtaking far reaching views to enjoy. Considerable interest has been generated for the venture already, once they are installed I am sure they will be a great success and I will provide a link for full details in due course.

What’s in a name

Shitterton has been in the news of late, this time it is all about the new Stone Shitterton sign we have had made. It has been quite an event full few days with the worlds media descending upon us, as many newspapers and national television have Eddie and the new Shitterton stone sign. Picture courtesy of Phil Yeomanstaken up the story.

The old one kept being stolen so the residence of Shitterton led by Ian Ventham our parish councilor, commissioned Val Quinn a local stone mason to carve a new one in a piece of purbeck stone weighing 1 1/2 tons. This we hope will deter it being stolen again, we will have to wait and see.

Picture courtesy of Phil Yeomans