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Giving back something to the community

Giving Something BackI was privileged to be asked to get involved with a project called (Hut Living Here and There), basically it is a project to teach youngsters about their rural environment. Nancy Clements from Burr Projects is the driving force behind the project, and rang me to ask if I had a shepherd’s hut I would be prepared to take on a tour of four schools around west Dorset, beginning with an opening appearance at the launch at Bridport arts centre.

As I am always stacked out with things to do I actually didn’t have one at the time, but decided it was such a worthwhile project with a wide range of educational benefit to the community, I must make an effort to make one in time. I only had a few short weeks to fulfil this task, but a few late evenings later I was all set to go.

Bridport arts centre was the venue for the start of the exhibition and early Sunday morning I dutifully craned off the hut onto the foyer in readiness for the launch. The exhibition in the art centre was a great success, there were examples of art from Fran Crowe a renowned artist, Jenny Hill photographer who had been in attendance at the forge taking pictures of me in action , had a fine display of her work. Artists from around Dorset and fellow hut enthusiasts were there , as were the ukulele group giving us all a tune. I was introduced to a range of interesting people from all walks of life and came away thinking what a pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

The following week was a bit hectic craning the hut in and out of one school and then another, but from the feedback I had the children enjoyed the experience. As indeed many local residence that approached me to have a chat, thought it was a good thing too.

As part of the oral history side of the project , various participants myself included were recorded for posterity and if you follow the link to Bridport museum, you can have a listen to it all.
This is just a snippet and an insight into my part in the project, there were many professional and ordinary people involved, too many to mention them all here. But it was a privilege to work with them, and what a worthwhile project to get involved in.
Well done Nancy.