George Clarke’s amazing spaces

A culmination of many months works on my restoration of a 1880,s J Farris shepherds hut was revealed on channel 4 last night. When I was approached initially to undertake this restoration, little did I realise what an interesting project it would turn out to be. Rollin (the owner) and I went to great lengths to ensure the shepherds hut was restored as accurately as possible with all my tools of the period and to ensure this fine example would be restored accurately for posterity. As the project evolved we thought wouldn’t it be nice to see the old hut towed down the road with a horse as it would have been in 1880. I was very fortunate to have the support of my good friends Tony Munt & Sue Wiles who are known internationally for their carriage driving skills, without which this would not have been possible. I am also indebted to the team at plum pictures for their patience and professionalism in recording and editing the proceedings.

And of course George Clarke who had a genuine enthusiasm for the project and presented it all exceptionally well.