The Environment

On my web site you will have learned about how I cut and prepare timber using a 1890′ saw Steam engine that will be used to power my saw millbench, I have for a long time been searching for a steam engine of the period to run it, particularly with one that can use the off cuts of wood to fire the boiler. The point of all this is so I can reduce my carbon footprint, timber being carbon neutral .

I have recently acquired a english 1912 portable steam engine that was used in a saw mill in France, and has undergone boiler tests recently to meet with regulations. Now she is all up together, she should be running the bench by the end of the month.

I hope to cut the majority of timber for my shepherds huts on her, coupled with the fact I source my timber as locally as possible this really has has got to be a good for the environment particularly as we are all trying to reduce our emissions. Once installed I hope to harvest the rain water off the barn for the boiler, I will put some pictures on the web site once it is all set up.In the meantime you can view a small selection of images here 

I have made progress with the steam engine and I am now cutting out timber for the shepherds hut’s with her . I have used a late 1950’s rack saw bench to try her out on ,it is a wonderful set up , using up all the off cuts of timber in the fire box, and to think that it is carbon neutral makes me very happy .

As an added bonus I have discovered you can do really nice jacket potatoes in the fire box, pop them in for about an hour and a half, perfect.

It takes about two hours to gently raise enough steam to start cutting, but by the time I have oiled all the bearings on the engine and sharpened the teeth on the saw, it is all ready to use.

Now I have familiarized my self with the running of the steam engine, I have set about getting her coupled up with my old wooden Stenna 1890’s rack saw bench that used to be run by a Burrell steam engine years ago.