Shitterton in the news again.

Having decided to have a couple of days away with the family for our annual break in Devon, I made the mistake of picking up my mobile one evening at dinner only to be asked by a journalist ( what is my reaction to the news about Shitterton).  I carefully enquired as to the nature if this breaking news, to discover by all accounts Shitterton has been voted the most embarrassing place in England to live. Delighted by this news I felt a considered response was required and stated amongst other things that Shitterton is a very nice place to live and if it brings more visitors to Shitterton that would be a good thing.

Probably not the most inspiring thing to say with the worlds media at one’s fingertips, but best to err on the safe side I thought. Having a look at the news that evening I was amazed by the interest and it made me smile as on the BBC news home page next to some Olympic news it said (Quote of the day by Eddie Butterfield local blacksmith).

Studying the tabloids the following day there were some very nice pictures of me and My dog taken a while ago at the Shitterton sign by Phill lomans a professional photographer (see image below). I am amazed how this news goes international in a second and actually I was heartened by the good humoured way it was reported across the country.